Houston Concealed Handgun Licenses

  • #1 Houston CHL Class Whether it's your first time applying for a conceal carry permit, or you've been around guns your whole life, Safety CHL offers the ideal Houston, TX CHL program for you.
  • Safe, Supportive Environment We offer Houston, Texas CHL classes in a safe, supportive environment comfortable for any Houston conceal carry permit seeker, from first-time novice to seasoned expert.
  • Comprehensive CHL Training Our Houston, TX conceal carry permit classes are comprehensive, 4-6 hour trainings to qualify you for a Texas conceal carry permit - called concealed handgun licenses (CHL).
  • Houston Conceal Carry A license to carry a concealed weapon requires 4-6 hours of training -- our safe, fun, supportive class will get you there even if you've never held a firearm in your life!

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Houston Concealed Handgun Licenses


At Safety CHL, safety is in our name because we know it's important for everyone to learn the basics for their Houston concealed handgun licenses in a safe environment; our experienced instructors keep students safe while they learn important skills to qualify for Houston, TX concealed handgun licenses.


Get Houston, Texas concealed handgun licenses in a class that's there to help build your confidence, whether you're a first-timer or old pro. Our concealed weapons permits classes will guide you into a space where you can conceal and carry your weapon without fear, in an interesting, engaging way.


Our concealed handgun classes present firearm permit information for a concealed weapon license and CCW permits in a way that's suitable for everyone from newcomers who have never held a handgun permit to experienced pros.


Learning to carry and conceal a firearm for your CCW permit means you're going to be exposed to a lot of new information. Our class sizes are kept small, and our concealed carry instructors will keep you engaged in a fun program to help you learn everything you need for your concealed weapons permit.

Perfect for Beginners Too

Even if you've never held a pistol in your life, much less held a CCW permit, Safety CHL has a perfect class for you! Our conceal and carry permit classes offer a path to a concealed carry license that's tailored to people completely unfamiliar with firearms. Our training class for beginners helps you feel more comfortable about your decision to carry a gun, setting you up to understand the weapon in a safe and supportive environment.

We've listened to our CHL students and heard about other concealed handgun classes where the CWP instructors were impatient with beginners, and "sent them down" to another course, adding cost and stress to what is supposed to be an informative and empowering firearm training. Safety CHL promises not to "bait and switch" our students; we'll help you get off on the right foot with the CCW class you need.


CHL Classes for Women in Houston

A lot of people looking for a Houston CHL course are looking for one that's supportive of the growing number of women who have interest in a gun license. We offer weekend CHL classes to keep your weekdays free in our shooting range, with a professional presentation of the material by our Houston-based CHL instructors in an all-inclusive format.


How do I obtain a CHL in Houston?

If you're wondering how to apply for a CHL in Houston, Texas state law requires 4-6 hours of training before applying for a private CHL. Safety CHL is the best place to get your CHL training in Houston, where it's done in a fun, safe classroom environment that not only presents the required information, but offers it in a way that will help you retain it for as long as you hold your concealed carry license -- and while we don't have classes on Sundays, we do hold them on Saturdays.


Do I need to own a handgun already?

A Texas CHL license, whether you get it with training time in North Houston or anywhere else, licenses you, not a specific handgun. Even if you don't already own a firearm, Safety CHL can rent weapons with ammunition for you to complete the shooting proficiency part of the course as well as perform for the test. Our instructors are familiar with a wide variety of handguns, and can offer advice on the kind of firearm that is right for you, and that will fit your needs.


How much is a CHL in Houston?

A big question people ask when learning how to obtain a CHL in Houston is, how much will it cost? The license fee itself is $140 for most Texans, and is submitted with your application; senior citizens and indigent Texans can obtain the license at a discounted rate of $70, and for active duty or honorably retired peace or judicial officers the cost is just $25. Military, reservists, members of national and state guards and veterans' fees are waived for active duty and recently-separated (within the last year) veterans; fees are cut in half for veterans discharged more than one year before applying for the permit. State felony prosecutors are also exempt from license fees.

The above is separate from our $75 class fee, which covers the 4-6 hours required for new CHL applications.